Launch Nears for Quanta Opportunity

Quanta Launch

Have a life by design, not by circumstance.

The official launch of the Quanta opportunity will likely take place in the next 10 days. An announcement of a specific date will be made this week. Once the launch date arrives, Quanta opportunity rollout will come in three phases:

Phase 1: Starting with the official launch date, there will be a 7-day window for everyone who has pre-enrolled to upgrade to the Personal Performance Platform ($25/month and administration fees) and/or the Fusion Program (one-time $149). New enrollees are welcome and they must upgrade during this same 7-day window.

Phase 2: After the 7-day window closes, there will be a 24-48 hour shutdown period. This is an administrative function to make sure all parts of the system are working and will allow for compression of downlines to remove those pre-enrollees who choose not to upgrade. Remember, the downline will have unlimited width and depth. This shutdown period will also allow for new websites, marketing tools and a more robust back office to be brought online.

Phase 3: Quanta opportunity is now in full launch mode.

quanta1Quanta is unlike any business you have ever seen. Now is the time to let go of the hesitation and uncertainties and remove the blocks that have kept you from the success you deserve. You still have a first-mover advantage and a choice to have a life by design and not by circumstance.

Join now and you will be in the VIP loop and you will be part of a great team, as more information on Quanta rolls out.

For the most complete review of the Quanta opportunity including the Quanta Compensation Plan in a pdf download, as well as a video, visit: 

Quanta Comp Plan Video:

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